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Tumblr Amourshipping Week


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Tumblr Amourshipping Week

Post by Purim on Sat Jan 03, 2015 3:10 pm

@Purim wrote:Once again, I’d like to thank novanoah for helping determine that Amourshipping Day is January 4th. And since it’s a Sunday, it’s the perfect day to start a week on! Or something.
Anyway, here are the themes that I’ve come up with (with help from Multishipping Overlord undercityrezident). Any commentary on these?
The idea behind having a week and themes for each day is to sort of be a prompt/inspiration for creating art/fics/headcanons/etc about the ship. Each day has a different theme, so people can be inspired to make many different things! Thoughts? Suggestions? Explanation needed? We still have about a month and a half before Amourshipping Day…
But anyway, here’s what I’ve got for themes for each day of the week.
January 4 - Meeting and Reunion - “Ash do you… remember me?”
January 5 - Patisserie - "These are the yummiest things I’ve ever eaten!"
January 6 - Mirror World - "Check it out! Look at Crybaby Ash! I was just messin’ with ya!"
January 7- Dancing- “You just have your own unique rhythm.”
January 8 - Inspiration - "Remember the training you did with everyone!/Serena’s right…"
January 9 - Dreams - “A Dream… having a dream…”
January 10 - The Future - “Don’t give up ‘til it’s over, ‘kay?”
January 11 - Extra/Catch Up day

So as you may be aware, there has been an effort to organize an Amourshipping Weeks on Tumblr. It starts tomorrow, and it's my hope that it gets a decent push from the Amourshipping Community on Tumblr. I hope everyone enjoys our efforts.
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Re: Tumblr Amourshipping Week

Post by Blood Red on Sat Jan 03, 2015 3:23 pm

Huh, so Tumblr is about to celebrate Amourshipping week? Interesting...we have our own Amourshipping day around here, but I guess we can celebrate both XD

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